Why should your credit union affiliate to ACE?

ACE CUs currently have more than £56m in combined assets, more than £46m in combined savings and almost £31m in combined loan balances. Between them, the 36 credit unions currently affiliated to ACE have more than 78,000 adult members and almost 17,000 junior members. And these numbers are all increasing continually.

  • ACE has a diverse membership base: 36 credit unions are currently affiliated to ACE in England, Scotland, Wales and Jersey. Some have several thousand members (the largest credit union affiliated to ACE has over 12,000) whilst others are small to medium in size. Some are workplace credit unions whilst others serve local communities, or are a combination of both. If you want to know what they feel about the services ACE provides, look our credit unions up on this web site and phone any of them to ask their views about ACE's high standards of support.

  • ACE is democratic and accountable to its members and ACE embodies many years of experience in the credit union sector. ACE Credit Union Services has been running since 1999 and has a board of directors, associate trainers and a Chief Executive Officer. The directors are elected annually and all have many years of experience directly running credit unions.

  • ACE is accessible and approachable: The ACE office can be contacted by telephone on 02920 674851 or by using our contact form. ACE has a very hands on CEO who welcomes you to contact him directly on 07814 165691. If you do not get a reply immediately, this usually means that Bill is in a meeting - in which case please leave him a message. If not able to help you himself, Bill will always try to find someone who can as quickly as possible.

  • ACE provides representation at meetings with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), H.M. Treasury and other Government Departments including the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Government.

  • ACE conducts consultations with affiliated credit unions on proposed changes to the regulations or new schemes, enabling it to reflect their views when responding to consultation documents.

  • ACE hold an Annual Conference and AGM in late spring. The Conference fees (both daily and 24 hour) are kept to a minimum to ensure that all affiliated credit unions can afford to send delegates. The Conferences are held in different parts of the country to make them more accessible. ACE makes no profit out of the Conferences.

  • ACE provides a Model Rule book that is approved by the Regulators for use by credit unions. ACE's 2012 Model Rule Book has been approved by the FCA and PRA. Once the members of a credit union have accepted them at an AGM or SGM, the rules can be registered with the FCA without further delay. If you prefer to keep your current rule book that is fine with us, but eventually this may become out of date.

  • ACE provides examples and templates: A full package of policies, procedures, job descriptions and fact-sheets are available as part of your membership. These cover all aspects of running a credit union and comply fully with the PRA and FCA regulations. Most are ready to use without modification while others may require careful adaptation to meet your credit union's specific needs. They are updated continually to take account of new legislation such as the LRO.

  • ACE produce a regular newsletter at least three times per year.

  • ACE provides easily accessible telephone and email advice from experts with over 25 years of day to day practical experience of running credit unions. In most cases you will received a response on the same day. In exceptional circumstances it may take a little longer (rarely more than 3 working days) if the query requires research.

  • ACE provides training: a Virtual Training Programme

  • ACE is a Barclays Credit Union Programme delivery partner. In April 2014, Barclays Bank announced a new £1 million fund for credit unions to be spread over a 4 year period with the aim of using this investment to help credit unions to grow and expand, enabling them to serve many more people in their communities and helping, in particular, disadvantaged groups of people to gain access to a source of crucial affordable credit. ACE has been chosen by Barclays, along with fellow trade association UKCU, to deliver the capacity building element of the Barclays Credit Union Programme over the next 4 years.